Assets held abroad

As a consequence of globalization, there are today more and more residents with assets managed beyond our borders, making it essential for them to receive adequate advice on the fulfilment of their reporting and tax obligations vis-à-vis the various official bodies in Spain. Furthermore, the quest for profitability is driving investors to undertake operations with greater or lesser complexity, with constantly fluctuating tax implications.

Our services include:

  • Regularization of capital: analysis of the assets involved and quantification of the tax impact.
  • Advice on tax optimization vis-à-vis investment portfolios managed abroad.
  • Tax simulations, studies of the economic and tax impact of operations carried out on investment portfolios managed abroad
  • Reports on costs and returns of investment portfolios.
  • Comprehensive Service with respect to the reporting obligations regarding assets held abroad vis-à-vis the Tax Agency, the Bank of Spain, the Ministry of the Economy: analysis of the situation, handling of information vis-à-vis portfolio managers, completion and submission of the various tax reporting forms: Form 720 (Declaration of Rights and Assets held abroad), Declaration of cross-border transactions, Form D-6 on Foreign Investments, among others.