The changes made in the Spanish legal system in recent years, together with the introduction of judicial charges, have encouraged the use of new forms of conflict resolution. In such a setting, mediation is seen as an alternative to conventional legal proceedings, with the main advantage being that the parties in conflict, acting by consensus and out of court, are themselves striving to achieve a solution to the dispute.

Our services include:

  • Mediation in matters of a civil nature: caused on the occasion of the splitting up and distribution of assets, probate, marital disputes, as well as in any conflict generated from differing interpretations or postures vis-à-vis a contract, business relationship, agreement or other action that could affect relations between relatives, partners, neighbours, contracting parties, etc.
  • Mediation in matters of a commercial nature: regarding such issues as conflicts of interest, unfair competition, and others of a more corporate nature involving shareholders and directors, as well as those arising in the relationships inherent to business traffic between companies.
  • In any case, mediation proceedings will begin with a request by any of the parties affected by the dispute and, from that point on, our mediators will strive to bring all the parties together in an initial session to establish the ground rules for the mediation, the characteristics of the process, as well as its duration, cost and scope. From that moment on, the mediator will organize a series of meetings after which a memorandum will be drawn up to set down the agreements reached in each case until a definitive settlement can be reached by consensus among all the parties involved. Such a consensus would then be binding and could be notarized whenever desired.