Fiscal and tax

Based on our extensive experience and pioneering efforts in Spain in the development and analysis of fiscal and taxation matters, our professionals offer sophisticated, innovative solutions to our clients’ tax problems on both the national and international level.

Our services include:

  • Fiscal consulting and tax planning for companies and individuals.
  • Tax returns: VAT, personal income tax, inheritance, conveyances, etc.
  • Fiscal representation of individuals and foreign organisations.
  • Taxation of corporate restructuring transactions: mergers, purchases, splitoffs, etc.
  • Fiscal consulting with regard to research, development and innovation (R&D I).
  • Taxation of linked transactions.
  • International taxation.
  • Defence and representation in fiscal offence matters.
  • Assistance and defence during tax inspections, as well as in tax examinations.
  • Tax regularization of capital with the tax authorities.
  • Legal defence in the administrative financial domain and in litigation brought against the state by an individual or organisation. Appeals in all jurisdictions.
  • Execution of due diligence in tax matters.