José Luis Pérez de Ayala

Emeritus Professor of Public Finance and Financial Law at the Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid.

Previously he was Professor at the Universities of Murcia, Navarra, the Autónoma de Madrid and the Complutense.

Chancellor and Vice-chancellor of the Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid and of the Universidad Autónoma, Madrid.

Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation.

Ex-President of the International Fiscal Association, and currently Vice President of the Asociación Española de Derecho Financiero (AEDF – the Spanish financial law association).

Co-founder of the consultancy, he now directs the fiscal area, where he is intensely involved in advising both large corporations and private individuals in the domains of tax law and financial law.

Among his many publications, a total of 14 books stand out, as well as dozens of articles and scientific monographs on tax matters.

He has been the Director of the Revista de Derecho Financiero y Hacienda Pública (Financial law and public finance review) over several decades.

Foreign language: English and French.

José Luis Pérez de Ayala